Climate Trends

View maps and plots of hydrologic cycle variables recorded by satellites and global models

GEOGloWS Hydroviewer

('A tool for viewing the GEOGloWS ECMWF Streamflow Hydrologic Model and creating subset shapefiles.',)

GRACE Groundwater Subsetting Tool

Visualize and subset Grace data

Hydrostats App

Calculates both hydrologic and forecast skill between simulated ond observed streamflow data. Also contains tools for preprocessing data and visualizing data.

Met Data Explorer

An app for viewing and analysing grided data servered from a THREDDS DATA SERVER.

Tethys App Store

The Tethys App Store enables you to discover, install, manage and configure Tethys Applications

Water Data Explorer

"A tethys app that lets the user to visualize and query WSDL enpoints