Welcome to GEOGloWS Apps Portal

The GEOGloWS Portal is a web-based platform that offers access to a suite of hydrological modeling tools and data visualization applications developed as part of the Global Streamflow and Flood Forecasting System (GEOGloWS) initiative. This portal serves as a user-friendly interface for hydrologists, water resource managers, and researchers to interact and utilize hydrological models and data.

GEOGloWS Hydroviewer

The GEOGloWS HydroViewer is a specialized web application designed to provide users with an intuitive and interactive interface for visualizing hydrological data and forecasts generated by the Global Streamflow and Flood Forecasting System (GEOGloWS). Through the HydroViewer, users can access real-time and forecasted streamflow information, enabling them to monitor river conditions, analyze historical data, and assess potential flood risks.

Water Data Explorer

Water Data Explorer empowers water resource professionals, researchers, and decision-makers to gain valuable insights into water availability, trends, and variations. This tool plays a vital role in fostering informed water management strategies and informed decision-making processes to address challenges related to water resources, sustainability, and environmental stewardship.

Climate Trends

Climate Trends app enables researchers, scientists, and policymakers to identify patterns, anomalies, and shifts in climate variables over time. This information is invaluable for assessing climate change impacts, supporting evidence-based decision-making, and developing strategies to mitigate the effects of changing climatic conditions.